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3fraín at his booth at the Tuesday Market in Boquete, Panama


Efraín Antonio is Boquete’s premier oil painter. He is a fixture of the Tuesday Market. Visiting him there provides the perfect opportunity to meet the artist, view his work in person and discuss his methods. His booth is located outside the building, on the right side of the yard after walking down the stairs. Here he sells his current work, shows sample paintings and takes orders for commissions. You can also email him for information about how to commission work.

The Tuesday Market is held every Tuesday from 8:30 am – 12:00 pm at the BCP events building in Boquete, which is located across the bridge, two blocks from the town square. This building hosts the market every week, and is mainstay for expat shoppers, both locals and tourists Efraín is in good company with organic and hydroponic farmers, local artisans, crafts-people, charities and other vendors who fill the building and surrounding grounds.

3fraín’s Work At Art’s Cafe in downtown Boquete

Efraín at Art Cafe in Boquete

Efraín at Art Cafe in Boquete, between two of his Guacamaya paintings

Art Cafe Sign BoqueteEfraín’s paintings decorate one of downtown Boquete’s most patronized restaurants, Art Cafe. The owners, Daniel and Althea Angelus, often feature Efraín’s artwork and sells paintings right off the wall.

Art Cafe is a French/World Cuisine Restaurant at the north end of the main street in downtown Boquete. It is a culinary sensation of Boquete and a must-visit for locals and travelers alike. The food is exquisitely prepared and presented, the service is exceptional, all in an art gallery setting. To find it, venture past the big church just past the intersection at the end of town. Look up the road and on your right you should see their sign.

Art Cafe Boquete Sign