Artist’s Statement

3fraín Antonio

I began painting to process my frustration at the abuses being committed against our planet, and to explore my evolution as a spiritual being. My body of work shows how I have transformed my own mind to influence the world with positive energy and feel unconditional love for all living things. By portraying celestial bodies like the sun, moon and stars, and natural rhythms such as the seasons and tides, I imbue the connectedness of all life to perpetuate a feeling of oneness and instill hope for the future of our planet.

I express this vision by telling the story of the Panamanian people, sharing the uniqueness of our culture and geography. I paint oil on canvas, tile or wood because the materials of this medium are of the earth – durable, portable and allowing me to express concepts and emotions without limitations on quality or detail.

I am inspired by the purity and natural beauty of our region, along with Panama’s indigenous women and their dresses. Woman inspires me as the generator of all human life, and as Pachamama, Mother Earth, who contains and supports all. Thus my artwork prominently features the Indio Woman, combined with the flora and fauna of Chiriquí, Panamá, to portray joy, love, peace, verdant landscapes and the manifestation of energy.

My goal is to bring my artwork around the world to introduce Panama’s grace, promote conservation of natural resources and to captivate viewers with sensational color that will inspire them to help make the world a better place.

Style: Figurative Abstract Impressionism

Subject Matter: Indigenous, Surreal, Fantasy

Influences: Vincent van Gogh; Claude Monet; Salvador Dalí; Gustavo Didacio