The Artist

an Introduction to 3fraín’s artwork and subject matter


3fraín showing his latest paintings in December 2014

3fraín Antonio is a Panamanian oil artist who paints in the folk art tradition — encompassing the life, colors and culture of the indigenous people of the Chiriquí Province of Western Panamá.

His direct influence is the Ngöbe-Bulglè who live in the Comarca mountain range between Panamá and Costa Rica.

He expresses the cultural identity of his country by conveying a shared reverence for the land through his depictions of every woman as Pachamama, the goddess incarnation of Mother Earth who is worshiped by indigenous people across Central and South America.


3fraín’s style, Content and Motif

3fraín’s art, like most traditional folk art, presents in flamboyant color. His impressionistic, surrealist style presents the geography of the Chiriquí Province with dreamlike qualities. His representations of native wildlife reflect a tribal influence. All of which manifest in decorative portrayals of themes common to the Indio of Panamá.

In the folk art tradition, 3fraín employs a range of utilitarian and decorative media, including cloth, wood, paper, clay and metal – in addition to canvas.

His Signature

He signs his artwork as 3fraín, wrapping the 3 in order to incorporate the Om symbol into his signature on every piece. This practice reflects 3fraín’s commitment to expanded consciousness and spirituality, which are both the cause of and purpose for creating his artwork.

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