Commission Work

Commissioning artwork is an opportunity to collaborate one-on-one with an artist on a custom piece. It is more than simply purchasing art because you are directly involved in the process of creation. Your subject matter, color palette and intention will be brought to life by 3fraín in his unique style, resulting in a one-of-a-kind piece.

Create A Vision for Your Custom Piece

Start by looking through 3fraín’s portfolio. Make a list of paintings whose style, palette or subject matter is similar to the one you want to commission. This will give you both you a starting point from which to discuss the design of your piece.

  • Decide on a subject matter. Literally, what will your painting be a picture of?
  • Explain the intention for the piece. Who is it for? Where will it displayed?
  • Describe what emotions you want to evoke. Is there a theme you want conveyed?
  • Note where the piece will be displayed. Home? Office? Business?
  • Gather visual materials. What photographs, websites or color swatches will show the palette?

Choose the Size and orientation of Your painting

Based upon your vision, choose the physical aspects of your piece.

  • Dimension of the canvas: Small (14″ x 10″), Medium (24″ x 30″), Large (32″ x 32″) or Custom Size?
  • Shape: Rectangle or Square?
  • Orientation: Horizontal, Vertical or Square (Portrait)?

Note: The size of your painting includes a roughly one-inch (1″) border of empty white canvas.

collaborate with the artist

Once your vision is defined, contact 3fraín to commission your piece! You can arrange to meet for collaboration in person if you live in or are visiting the Chiriquí Province of Panamá.

  • Contact 3fraín via email by filling out the contact form on this site.
  • To collaborate in person, indicate dates you are available to meet.
  • Include details above to convey your vision for the piece. If you want to allow 3fraín creative license, just communicate which details are most important to you.
  • 3fraín will then sketch your painting and send you a copy, to confirm that your vision has translated.
  • Reply to make changes or approve the draft of your painting.

Please note: Internet service is spotty in Panamá. This email address is checked at least bi-weekly but not always daily. Replies will be sent the same day your email is read.

Submit A Contract and Make A Deposit

Once you are satisfied with the sketch and are ready for 3fraín to begin painting, you must formally commission the piece.

  • Fill out and return the commission contract via email. Commission Contract.Efrain Antonio
  • Make a 50% deposit of the total price for the piece.
  • Payment options are Pay Pal and Cash.

Now it’s time for 3fraín to Paint!

Painting time can take anywhere from one week to one month, depending on the piece and other orders. If time is an issue, please mention this during collaboration.

  • When your painting is finished, 3fraín will send you a photo of it via email.
  • Pay the remaining balance (50% plus total shipping cost) within one week (7 days), por favor.
  • After the balance is paid, your painting will be shipped within three (3) business days from Panamá to you!


Buyers outside of Boquete are responsible for shipping costs from Panamá.

  • The price is $50 for standard mail, which takes about 3 weeks for delivery.
  • The price is $150 for Fed Ex, which takes less than 1 week for delivery.

Return Policy

If for any reason upon receipt of the commissioned work the Buyer is dissatisfied, you may return the painting to 3fraín in Panamá within 30 days at your expense. Upon receiving the work, 3fraín will either improve it or paint a new piece, depending on the client’s request.

The process for verification of the piece by the Buyer prior to shipping will be the same as for the original artwork. Once the second piece is approved, it will be shipped to the Buyer at 3fraín’s expense.

Link to commissioning work in Español… Coming Soon!

Cultural Seeds | Semillas Culturales by 3fraín Antonio

Oil Paintings

Buy A Painting by 3fraín Antonio 3fraín lives his art because he makes his living from it. He is constantly painting to perfect his techniques, create fresh inventory, revise old designs and craft commissioned pieces. His current inventory is on display each week at the Tuesday Market in Boquete.

Mural by 3fraín Antonio


Custom Murals by 3fraín Antonio In addition to painting on canvas, 3fraín also paints murals. His work is featured inside and outside of buildings around Chiriquí Province. His designs will bring an authentic Panamanian aesthetic to your home or business, evoking the culture of the country and a shared reverence for Pachamama.